„Without specific reason four guys drift through the nocturnal city of Munich on their skateboards. Why? ‚Cause that’s what they are up for!“


You might think that this doesn’t sound too much like the perfect synopsis for a film? You are missing brave heroes and big adventures?

Go figure, Nightsession does not even have any dramaturgy!

You may ask „How come?“ or „What’s wrong with you guys?“.

Well, our aim was to capture the magic of skateboarding and to give you an authentic insight into skateboarding by simply following four guys on their way through the night.

All of you who are or were skateboarders, you will immediately be reminded of your own sessions with friends.

And all of you who never tried skateboarding: while following Tom, Sergio, Jonas and Pacel through the night, you will understand the fascination of skateboarding and the feeling of freedom that surrounds you while pushing through the streets.

And as we think that skateboarding as such stands for itself, we just skipped the dramaturgy…


Hope you’ll all enjoy our film!




Thomas Eckert

Born in Prien am Chiemsee, grew up in Bad Endorf. After high school Tom got trained in Banking and started studying Economics at the university in Landshut, Bavaria, in 2014. Tom loves travelling, especially in South America. He started skateboarding approx. 15 years ago and is sponsored by Favorite Skateboards and Titus München.

“Skateboarding is much more than a simple sport to me - as the majority of my friends are Skateboarders, too, my entire life is dominated by Skateboarding.”


Sergio Grosu

Born in Klausenburg, Romania. After high school in Munich, Sergio participated in a summer course in “Business and Ethiks” at Harvard University. Since 2009 he is studying human medecine at the Albert-Ludwigs-University in Freiburg, now being in his practical year.
Besides art, skateboarding has been Sergio’s big passion for the last 13 years.
He rides for the Blue-Tomato-Skateshop in Munich and is member of Munich-based Bottomline Crew.

„Even if I wanted to stop Skateboarding, I know that I couldn’t!
Photo: Sebastian Hartung


Pacel Khachab

Born in Munich to parents from Lebanon. Finished high school in 2014 and just started studying. He's enrolled in European Ethnology.
Besides travelling, football, partying and spending time with his friends, Pacel plans to visit every country on our planet and keep on skateboarding as much as possible.
He is sponsored by the Santo Loco skateshop in Munich.

„I started skateboarding approx. 10 years ago and will continue with it until I won’t be able to walk anymore!”


Jonas Rosenbauer

Born in Munich. Studied Mechanical Engineering in Munich and has been riding skateboard for 15 years. When not skateboarding, he is surfing the Munich “Eisbach”, playing the guitar, meeting friends or working as hot model.
He rides for Favorite Skateboards, Planet Sports, Volcom Store Munich and Stance.

„Skateboarding is my big love, that’s why I am trying to continue with it for as long as possible!”

writer, director, producer

Philipp Dettmer

Born in Munich.
His film „Mystery Cache“ won the main prize for best debut feature film at the 35th Biberacher Filmfestspiele. His film „Work can wait, let’s first take care of the Backstreet Boys“ was awarded German Short Film of the month, as well as „highly recommendable“ by the German film rating agency. His experimental film „Rock, paper, scissors“ (aka: „Schnick Schnack Schnuck) is still being shown on numerous film festivals worldwide.


Chris Behnisch

Born in Erding in 1986. Got trained as specialist in logistics. Works as autodidact DoP since 1999 and is responsible for over 80 skateboarding- and musical videos. Founded “lepit” clothing in 2008, focussing on skateboard-wear. Co-founded “irregular” skateboarding magazine in 2010 and does therefor all the filming.

Editor / Cutter

Frank Brandstetter

Born in Esslingen. Got trained as media creator AV and studied editing at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. Received numerous scholarships, such as Berlinale Talent-Campus or the Hollywood-Workshopt UCLA Extension in Los Angeles.
His works have won several international awards and have been shown on over 150 festivals worldwide.

Sound recordist

Philip Hutter

Born in Wolfenbüttel in 1995. Studies Audio Production at the SAE Institute in Munich since 2013. Already gained experience on some film sets, “Nightsession” is his first feature film.
Loves modern music - besides participating at the “Modern Music School”, Philipp works honorary as advisor for “Subkultur e.V.” - an association focussing on art, culture and music.

Sound designer

Tobias Peper

Born in Hamburg in 1979. Studied film at the HfbK in Hamburg. Working as freelance sound designer for cinema and TV since 2001, as well as freelance editor. He is steadily working with director Stefan Krohmer and Ulrich Köhler, winning the Silver Bear for “Sleeping Sickness” in 2012

Re-recording mixer

Andrew Mottl

Born in Tegernsee. Studied sound- and image-techniques at the Robert-Schumann-University, as well as at the University of Düsseldorf. Is working as freelance re-recording mixer since 2004. He won the “Andrei Otto Toncu Award” for his work on “Fliehkraft”, as well as the WDR Jazzpreis for his drumming in the Big Band of the University of Dusseldorf.

Colour grader

Nicholas Coleman

Born to director and editor Clay Coleman, Nicholas got confronted with film at an early age. Since 8 years, he is working in the field of color grading and runs Munich based “oasys digital” post-production company together with his father.


Steff J Hummel

Steff J Hummel has been working as composer for over 25 years and is responsible for the scores of countless commercials, documentaries, short and feature films. He lives and works in Munich.